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Regina Your EU Expert 



 Whether we like it or not at this point in Ireland’s chapter, Brussels and the importance of our relationship with the EU has come into sharp focus.

 We need experienced Irish politicians

  • who know their way around Brussels
  • are networked within Brussels
  • know how the legislative process works in the EU to maximise Ireland’s potential
  • strategise how to  protect Irish interests and understand EU culture and
  • enroll, attract and seek out what is on offer in the EU to get Ireland moving again

 Following ten years of EU political and legal experience working in the three political arms of the EU in Brussels working for Team Ireland in

  • the European Commission,
  • the Council with the Department of Foreign Affairs in advance of and during the Irish Presidency in the
  • the European Parliament coupled with
  • a Masters in European Politics and Administration
  • Author of “The Reasons Why- Ireland at the heart of Europe” a personal guide to the EU for Irish citizens


I can deliver this valuable experience to the Seanad and to you.




 The scrutiny rights and responsibilities of the Oireachtas under the Lisbon Treaty have been significantly upgraded to oversee EU legislation and ensure that Brussels does not over-step its mark.

Each Parliament has eight weeks of scrutiny time to examine and debate draft legislation. We have a legal opportunity to block legislation with a new orange and red card procedure, designed to protect our national sovereignty.

 We need to reform the Seanad to accommodate and maximise our right of scrutiny and to be that direct link between Ireland and Brussels.

  • We need political professional experts within the Seanad to understand the EU and plug Ireland into Brussels and maximise links and opportunities for EU funding for all our stakeholders
  • The Seanad should be the Clearing House for EU legislation and be the forum for Ministers hearings on Ireland’s strategy and decisions pre-Council meeting
  • Team Ireland in the Commission, Council and Parliament needs to be working in tandem and “on message” to maximise results. The Oireachtas needs to be included in devising this Ireland-EU policy.

 Extremely important current dossiers needing Ireland´s attention:-

  • Defend our corporate tax rate at 12.5%
  • Defend and progress Irish farmers and Agri-Food stake in CAP Reform
  • Preparation for and maximising Ireland’s stake in  EU Budget 2014-2018
  • Maximise Irish Job growth under the EU 2020 Competitiveness Strategy & opportunities for green companies and jobs: EU2020 Renewable Energy package


Can we really afford not to have at least one EU Senator out of 60 Senators?




Born and raised in Cork, Regina is currently working in Brussels as Political and Legal Advisor in the European Parliament.

Legal Career

  • Graduate of UCC BCL, UCD Diploma International Commercial Arbitration and UCG 1st year BA.
  • Commercial, criminal, immigration/refugee and human rights law.
  • Ireland, USA and Australia.
  • Six years European Parliament, advisor to 2 Political Groups.
  • Advisor on Committees: Environment Public Health & Food safety; Climate Change, Legal Affairs and Constitutional Affairs.
  • Trained and practiced A&L Goodbody Solicitors.


Political Career

  • Unique in having worked in the three political arms of the EU.
  • Council, Commission and Parliament.
  • Masters in European Politics, prestigious College of Europe.
  • European Commission Middle East Peace Process Desk.
  • Department of Foreign Affairs Irish Presidency Brussels team as Irish National Delegate to the Council’s Enlargement Inter-Governmental Conference.
  • Political and legal advisor to Pat Cox, “Ireland for Europe” campaign.
  • Author of “The Reasons Why Ireland at the Heart of Europe” – a personal guide to the EU for Irish citizens, students, business leaders and policy makers; received reviews and support across the political spectrum.



  • Founder of UCC BCL International (Saint Louis University Law School) programme,  facilitates BCL students and faculty staff annually since 1999.
  • Since 2008, represents Ireland as one of 100 Transatlantic Young Leaders, TN2020, North America and Europe.
  • Member Advisory Council, Young Professional Summit, Brussels Forum 2011 includes Members of German Marshall Fund and US Mission to the EU.
  • Networked into Friends of Ireland, U.S. Congress, Irish Network Washington DC and Irish American Heritage Centre Chicago.